UPDATE: Keeta has been RESERVED!


Keeta is aseal point female Sphynx [standard]. She wiill most likely have blue-green or green eyes.

Keeta's price is $2,200. The deposit to hold/reserve her is $500, and the $1,700 balance will be due when she turns 10 weeks old (around May 13th).

Keeta was born on March 5th, and her parents are Nova & Rhino. The plan for this litter is to have their alter surgeries and vet exams late-May, so they can go to their new homes towards the beginning of June. I say plan and not guarantee, because the kittens must meet the minimum weight requirement set by our vet in order to perform their surgeries. So, if they don't meet the 2.5 lb minimum, their surgery and pickup would be postponed.

OUR SHORT APPLICATION IS REQUIRED for anyone who has not previously purchased from us. Deposits will not be considered received, and kittens not considered reserved without an application! Learn our complete Buying Process (here) before proceeding! The application can be completed here: MNSphynxApplication

By placing a deposit and/or purchasing one of our cats or kittens, you are agreeing to our Kitten Contract.

All MN Sphynx Kittens Come With:

  • A wellness exam by a licensed veterinarian
  • Age-appropriate vaccines and wormings
  • Health guarantee
  • Microchip w/FREE lifetime registration
  • Spay/neuter
  • Kitten Care Information Sheet
  • Kitten Starter Pack w/Food, Blanket, Ear Cleaner & Coupons
  • Free 30 days of Pet Insurance

Lots more info about hairless babies in general and bringing home your new family member is in our Care Sheet! Please be sure to read it before picking up your kitten.

Questions? Check out the FAQ page (http://www.minnesotasphynx.com/faq)!


SKU: Keeta
  • $500 is the DEPOSIT ONLY.


    All cats & kittens from MN Sphynx are subject to the Kitten Contract, and come with:

    - Full Vet Exam

    - 30 Days Free Pet Insurance
    - Age-appropriate vaccines and wormings
    - A health guarantee contract
    - Microchip w/FREE lifetime registration
    - Spay/neuter
    - Kitten Care Pack (Blanket, Food, Ear Cleaner & Coupons)


    Shipping is not included, and, if needed, a quote must be requested.

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