Frequently Asked Questions

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This page covers some of the most common questions we are asked. Read below for lots of information!

Do you have any kittens available?

All available kittens and/or cats are posted on the Available Kittens page.

How do I purchase/adopt a cat or kitten from you?

Please read the information found on our How to Purchase page.

Do you sell unaltered kittens/kittens with breeding rights?

Please refer to our Breeding Rights Information page for complete info.

Isn't early spay/neuter harmful or result in incomplete growth?

Absolutely not! Even the latest testing proves these claims untrue. We explain this in much more detail on this page.


Will my kitten come with any shots, vaccinations, or vet exams?

Of course! Kittens will be current on all age-appropriate vaccinations, and will have been precautionarily wormed at least twice before going home with you. We vaccinate according to this vaccination schedule. Kittens are also seen for a general kitten health exam before they are spayed or neutered by our local certified vet. In the Health Record that you will get at pickup, the section labeled 'Vaccine Information' explains causes, symptoms, and vaccine effectiveness for each common cat disease. The excerpt of that section can be found here as well.

How should I prepare for my kitten? What do I need to purchase?

Going to a new home is a HUGE adventure for your new kitten, and can sometimes be rather scary. To help both you and kitty out, we're prepared a Care Sheet that goes over things you will need to do to prepare for your new family member, as well as other helpful information. Please read this before coming to pick up your kitten!

What will the kitten/cat be eating when it’s ready to come home with me?

They will be eating ACANA brand Appalachian Ranch formula dry food, as well as Wellness CORE® wet food. Please read through our Care Sheet for more instructions about feeding, as well as other information.

Is shipping or transportation available to get my kitten home?

Yes! We can arrange ground transportation or air shipping for you at an additional cost. Please contact us for a quote.

What's the purpose of a deposit?

A deposit is required to reserve a specific kitten. Since kittens are picked in order of deposits being placed, we cannot "save a kitten/cat" until your deposit has been received. Deposits are non-refundable, unless your application is denied.

How can I place a deposit?

Deposits are accepted on specific kittens/cats via PayPal, money order, or cash. To place a deposit through PayPal, follow the "Place Deposit' button from the kitten's page on the Available page. To place a deposit with cash or money order, please contact us. Don't forget to also submit your application with, or before you place, your deposit.

Do you take payments in smaller increments?

Yes, after the initial $500 deposit, and for kittens younger than 8 weeks, as long as the total purchase price is paid by the time the kitten is 10 weeks old, you are welcome to send payments as you wish.

Do the hairless breeds have health concerns?

All four of the breeds we raise are generally healthy. They all have an expected life span of around 15 years, and the only major health condition they are prone to, as is any other breed of cat, is HCM (more below). Due to not having eyelashes, their eyes can be more susceptible to accumulating dust and foreign objects; however, skin conditions and other illnesses are not any more common than any other breed of cat.

Our kittens and cats are very healthy - we are FeLV/FIV & heartworm negative, and all of our adults have scanned clear and normal on their HCM heart scans (as of April 2018). Virtually all breeds of cats are prone to HCM, and contrary to popular belief, it's not any more common in hairless breeds as it is in any other breed; there just happens to be more awareness of the condition. At this point, a specific gene has not been identified for the Sphynx (or other hairless breeds), so we have to rely on heart scans to try to anticipate future problems. Being a Sphynx breeder these days means producing a kitten with HCM is virtually inevitable, however, in our 7+ years of breeding, no  confirmed HCM cases have been reported. We are very confident in raising healthy kittens! That being said, HCM is not completely preventable, and fully-progressed HCM is fatal, so considering a hairless kitten from any breeder should be a heavily weighed decision.

For even more information on HCM, go to our HCM page.

What is the difference between the 4 hairless breeds?

A Sphynx is an average-sized cat with normal ears and legs; An Elf is an average-sized cat with normal legs, and ears that curl back at the tips; A Bambino (or Minskin) is a smaller-sized cat with normal ears, and legs that are short (only about 2-3 inches long); A Dwelf is a smaller-sized cat with legs that are short (only about 2-3 inches long) and has ears that curl back at the tips.

How much is a kitten from Minnesota Sphynx?

Sphynx & Elf kittens are $2,200; Bambino & Dwelf kittens are $2,600. Odd eyes add $700. Prices include age specific vaccinations and vetting, spay or neuter, microchip (with free lifetime registration), health guarantee, pet insurance, and kitten starter pack.

Do you ever have any cheaper kittens?

Some situations contend for our kittens being offered at a discounted rate. Though these situations are few and far between, we do slightly discount for: congenital and permanent cosmetic imperfections. The discount depends on the severity of the condition. In addition to “imperfect” kittens, when we retire a breeder, they are offered as a pet at a slightly discounted rate. This typically only happens every few years. If you are interested in being notified when one becomes available, contact us with your contact information and we will save it.

Are kittens/cats registered?

Most Sphynx kittens are either TICA, CFA or TCA registerable. Generally, a pet kitten will only come with papers if they are specifically requested. Elf, Bambino, and Dwelf breeds are not currently recognized by most cat associations, and are not registerable at this time.

Is it possible to meet my kitten in person?

Of course! We encourage families to meet and pickup their new family member in person. Since it is our home, however, we do ask that you make an appointment.


Can I request my kitten be declawed at the time of their spay or neuter?

No, We do not allow our kittens to be declawed at any time. This is one of the terms of our Kitten Contract.

Does my kitten come with other terms or conditions?

Yes. We are always aiming for the best for our kittens, even after they leave our home. Conditions for proper care, vetting, and other specifications (such as forbidding declawing) are found in the Kitten Contract you agree to when you place a deposit with us.


When can I bring home my kitten?

Kittens are usually able to go to their new homes around 12 weeks of age, but in some cases a kitten's health, size, or maturity level may be cause to keep them a few weeks longer. When a kitten is listed for sale, an estimated “ready” date will be posted with their information. At around 9-10 weeks of age we send updates on your kitten's progress, along with an invoice for the balance due.

If you have chosen a kitten who is already of age and ready for their new home, pickup or shipping must be arranged within one week, and the balance is due at that time.


What if the date options for kitten pickup do not work for me?

If you are unable to pickup during the given options, a boarding fee will apply. Please see specifics under condition #1 of our Kitten Contract.


Will I get regular updates on my kitten?

We try to take updated pictures and post them on our Facebook page every 2-4 weeks. We are only human though, and sometimes a kitten may not want to cooperate or life happens and we miss an update. Please know that we try our best!


If I can no longer keep my kitten, can I sell, rehome or surrender it?

We absolutely forbid any surrendering to shelters, clinics, humane societies, etc. If you are unable to properly care for your kitten/cat for any reason, we will take them in, no questions asked. We are also entitled to first right of refusal if you are thinking of selling or rehoming your kitten for any reason (as outlined in condition #8 of our Kitten Contract).


I get vet services at a discounted rate at my vet, can I take my kitten unaltered for a lower price and get it spayed or neutered at my vet?

No, all kittens sold as pets will be spayed or neutered before leaving our home.


Do the short legs of Bambinos and Dwelfs make them prone to hip/leg/spine issues?

No. Although Bambinos and Dwelfs are new breeds, they come from the Munchkin breed, which has been well researched, showing no more susceptibility to joint issues than any other cat.

Do hairless breeds require special treatment or care?

Hairless breeds are not ‘fragile’ or ‘sickly’ as some may think, but there are things about them that are different than an average cat. Just a few examples are: They require grooming and baths, their metabolism is about twice that of other cats, and they bond strongly to their families. Sweaters and clothing are not required; in general, if your home is at a comfortable temperature for you, kitty will be ok. However, they do like heat, so will frequently sit on heat registers or crawl into blankets. Lots more information on this is explained in our Care Sheet. We highly suggest reading it before picking up your kitten.

Do hairless cats/kittens make good family pets/do they get along with other animals?

They make amazing family members! Hairless breeds crave and thrive on human interaction and love attention. They are very friendly and inquisitive and get along with other animals as well.

Would a male or female be better as a pet?

Even after 6 years of breeding, I still have a hard time finding much difference between males and females as pets. Our kittens are neutered at a young age, long before they get gender-defining hormones, so they really don’t get gender-specific personalities. I strongly believe they react and grow based on their surroundings.

Do male cats spray?

Intact male cats often do spray. However, since we alter our kittens at a young age, they do not get the gender specific hormones like they normally would. This means neutered males very rarely have any instinct to spray. In fact, without their hormones, males are just as likely as females to spray.

Will the kitten/cat be litter trained?

Yes, kittens learn to use the litter box at an early age. When going to their new home, however, they will need to be reminded where the box is for the first few days.

Can I allow my kitten outdoors?

Sphynx and other hairless breeds are very vulnerable to outdoors for a number of reasons.  Because of having little hair the skin, they can be sunburned if outdoor exposure to the sun is allowed. They can also very easily get stung or bitten by a bee or spider or other insect, causing severe reactions, due to having no hair for protection. During the cold winter months the sphynx will absolutely not be able to tolerate the cold weather.  A good rule of thumb is ---if you are cold, they are cold.  Sphynx move very quickly and are extremely curious.  Allowing them outdoors even for a few minutes can potentially be fatal. They can very quickly and innocently become distracted by the simplest thing and quickly wander off.  They can climb backyard fences like a pro.  Allowing them in a screened porch area during very warm seasons is acceptable.

Still have questions?

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