The Buying Process:

Once you have researched which breed, kitten or cat will work best in your household, the first step in purchasing from us is to read the terms of our Kitten ContractThis contract is in place to help ensure lifelong safety and well-being of our animals, and will be completed and signed at pickup (or arrangements will be made if transportation is needed). The second step is to submit your application (see below), and the third step depends if there are currently kittens available or not; read below for more details.

We require a non-refundable $500 deposit, an application, and agreement to our Kitten Contract to reserve a kitten. Keep reading for complete instructions.

If there are no kittens currently available (or none you are interested in) (listed here), you can submit your application and subscribe to the either the free email notification list, or the Pick of Litter list while you wait for kittens to be posted. You do not need to place a deposit to subscribe to the email notification list, and being on the free list does not guarantee you a kitten. The $500 deposit is not made until the exact kitten you want to reserve is born and posted as 'available'.

The Pick of Litter list allows you early access to newly available kittens (you will be shown the available kittens before they are made available to the general public, and will be able to place a deposit on the kitten you choose at that time), and will be limited to 3 people at any time. Spots for the Pick of Litter list are available at the following rates, and purchased choices are in addition to the kitten's price, are non-refundable, and do not go towards the cost of the kitten. Families will be offered available kittens in the order of spot purchased, and will have 24 hours to either place a deposit on the kitten of their choice, or pass on the current litter and wait for the next. However, the maximum number of litters that can be passed on is 4, after which the purchased pick of litter spot will expire. 

Spot #1: $400   Spot #2: $300    Spot #3: $200

      *If you are interested in the Pick of Litter list, please contact us to confirm 


If there are kittens available for deposit (listed here), you can reserve a specific kitten by placing a $500 deposit, and submitting an application (if you haven't already done so). Paypal is preferred, as kittens are not considered reserved until the deposit has been received, but we also accept Venmo, Zelle,  cash and money orders.

The remaining balance is due by the time the kitten is 10 weeks old (sooner if you will need shipping). Around this time, we will send an update and an invoice for the remaining balance as well as the estimated pickup date(s) and times available for your kitten (which will be between 12-16 weeks of age). If you wish, you can send payments in any amount between the time you place the deposit and the final due date - just let us know when and how much you are wanting to send, and we will send you an invoice.

Before kitty comes home with you, please be sure to read over our Care Sheet for information on how to prepare for your new family member, and see our FAQ's to answer common questions/concerns.


*Note: If you have chosen a kitten who is already of age and ready for their new home, pickup or shipping must be arranged within 10 days, and the balance is due at that time.

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We offer transportation to loving forever homes for an additional cost. We prefer door-to-door ground transportation, but also have access to major airlines if ground transport is not an option. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Should a client choose to utilize our couriers, they must understand we cannot guarantee a specific date or time the kitten will arrive. We will make every effort to accommodate the client’s schedule whenever possible, but there are many variables er services, including traffic, weather, vehicle issues/breakdowns, and other situations that are out of our control.  The client must understand that a specific delivery range may not be available until a few days to a week before delivery. If you cannot be flexible with your delivery dates and times, please do not use this service. You are also welcome to coordinate your own pickup/delivery; just communicate that wish with us.

All cats and kittens are subject to our Kitten Contract, which is available by clicking here. We request that you read it before you place a deposit for a kitten, as it is a legal document.

Please read our FAQ'scare sheet too!


Applications can be found here

Contracts will be completed at pickup.

By placing a deposit or purchasing a kitten from

us you are agreeing to our legal contract.

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